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  • 2017-11-24
    Call for Application:
    AG-Award 2018

    The Foundation Assar Gabrielssons calls for application regarding AG-Award 2018.

Grant to Seminars or similar Venues

Applications for grants to cover the costs of seminars, conferences or similar venues can be submitted throughout the year.

Conditions for application

The venue shall:

  • be organised in the area of Västra Götalands Region;
  • focus on cancer;
  • be openly advertised so that all interested parties can attend.

The grants can cover items such as the costs for lecturers e.g. travel or hotel expenses, the rent of a conference place and so on.


Applications can be submitted throughout the year, and should preferably be submitted 6 weeks before the event takes place..

The application shall contain the following information:

  • Name of applicant, title, work place,
  • Applicant's contact information (phone and email),
  • Name of the Organizer,
  • The title of the event,
  • The program description in details,
  • The target of the arrangement,
  • How the arrangement will be announced,
  • The total budget for the event,
  • The other submissions for grant done and obtained or scheduled to be submitted to other foundations,
  • The amount requested from AG foundation.

The application can be written in word or pdf format and sent by email to

Moreover, all granted arrangements will be advertised on the Foundation’s website.


A brief report will be submitted to the AG Foundation via email (Please, indicate the reference number of the grant) at the latest 1 month after the venue.

The purpose of this report is to give the Board of the Foundation a feed-back of this activity.