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Travel Grant

Travel grants facilitate knowledge dispatching and exchange within the cancer research field for applicants preferably belonging to the University of Gothenburg.


Applications for travel grants can be submitted all year round, no later than two months before the start of a scheduled trip. Forms can be downloaded on this page (see below after the article).

The trip must be directly related to cancer research and requires an active attending such as a poster presentation. A maximum of one grant is approved per applicant and calendar year. The application has to be fully completed to be forwarded for review. The confirmation of poster acceptance can be sent in complement after the approval of the application but is required before payment of the grant.

Furthermore, a report has to be sent no later than one month after returning from the trip. The report can be sent via email in pdf-format.

Link to applicationöppnas i nytt fönster (word, 204.5 kB)

Link to the guidelinesöppnas i nytt fönster (pdf, 362.5 kB)

Very important to know prior to submit an application to the foundation:

  • The Travel Grant is not fit for education or post doc travels.
  • The foundation approved at most one travel grant application issued by the same applicant per calender year.
  • The reason for submitting an application has to be clearly related to cancer research.
  • The applicant will attend the event with an active attendance such as the presentation of a poster.
  • Sweden is also available for application to travel grant.
  • The application will be submitted no later than two months before the scheduled trip.​
  • The acceptance for a poster presentation is required in order to get a travel grant. If this document is missing at the application time, the application can be anyway submitted, reviewed and approved. The grant will however only be paid after the acceptance will have been sent via email to the secretariat.
  • A travel report has to be sent no later than one month after return.

The applicant will take contact with the secretariatöppnas i nytt fönster to get more guidance about this errand. 


The travel report will be sent via email to the foundation at the latest one month after return from the trip. The given registration number (RB XX-XX) has to be indicated in the document.

The purpose of the report is to give the Board of the Foundation a basis for its activities' report.

The report shall be brief and presented like a clinic internal travelogue in which the traveller will summarise on the basis of personal experience and knowledge, the benefits given by the trip.

The report should be disseminated within the clinic and possibly to others who may have an interest in it. As the Board of the Foundation has no intention to publish the report, it can be formulated in a more informal way.

The Board of the Foundation is however not opposed to the publication of the travel reports.