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För klinisk forskning speciellt i cancersjukdomar


  • 2017-04-27
    Award ceremony and presentation:
    AG-Award 2017, Experimental Research
    Joydeep Bhadury receives the Assar Gabrielssons Award 2017, category Experimental Research, for his ...
  • 2017-03-20
    New for AG-Fond from 2017
    Possibility to apply for grant to support Seminars or similar Venues
    Applications for grants to cover the costs of seminars, conferences or similar venues can be submitt...
  • 2017-03-15
    Save the date!
    AG-Award 2017
    The venue will take place in May 18, 2017 at Birgit Thilander hörsal, Sahlgrenska academi.
  • 2017-02-08
    Save the date!
    AG-Award 2017
    The call for application is now closed but please, save the date for the ceremoni ward that will tak...
  • 2016-12-12
    Call for Application

Application to the Assar Gabrielsson's Award

An application for the Assar Gabrielsson's Award can be submitted by persons who have defended their thesis no later than 3 years prior to the application deadline.

From 2016, two prizes are awarded: one in the basic scientific medicine and one in clinical research.

Applications with all required attachments shall be sent by February 1 to the foundation’s secretariat. Additional information can be requested after the submission.  The Board of the Foundation will take its final decision at the April Board meeting. The award ceremony will take place in May.

Award winners from each category will have then the possibility to apply for their own extra research grant of SEK 100 000 by submitting a research plan no later than 1 October.

The application will include:
    A completed application form - 6 copies (see below for downloading)   
    The candidate's extended Curriculum Vitae - 6 copies
    The thesis (NB! Issued by the University of Gothenburg over the past three years) - 6 copies
    The candidate’s explanatory letter - 6 copies

Link to the application – AG-Scholarshipöppnas i nytt fönster (word, 199.9 kB) 

Each document, including the thesis shall be sent in six copies (one original + five copies) to the Foundation’s office by the applicant in person.

Both application and appendices shall be sent to the secretariatöppnas i nytt fönster no later than February 1. Additional information can be required by our office after submission.


The Board of the Foundation will take its final decision at the Board meeting held in March/April. Thereafter the awards ceremony will take place in May. The laureate has then the opportunity to apply for an extra research grant of SEK 100 000 by submitting a research project application no later than October 1.
The applicant will use the usual Research Grant application; the form will be signed by the Head of Department.

The Board of the Foundation will take its final decision regarding the application at the Board meeting in held in November/December, after which the grant will be paid in December.