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Award of the Year 

AG-Award 2024: Torbjörn Holmström, Anna Wenger, Prof. Eva Forsell-aronsson

Torbjörn Holmström, Sara Bjursten Prof. Eva Forsell-aronsson

Photo: AnnaLisaFoto

Assar Gabrielsson's Award 2024

The Assar Gabrielsson Foundation has appointed Anna Wenger as the winner in the basic science research category and Sara Bjursten as the winner in the clinical research category. The prize recipients are rewarded with SEK 100,000 each as extra research grants, administered by the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.

Therese Karlsson

The Assar Gabrielssons Award 2024 for clinical research is given to Sara Bjursten

"Sara Bjursten receives the award in the category of clinical research for clinically important and well-conducted research regarding immunotherapy in cancer patients. The studies provide new knowledge about side effects in the central nervous system, especially with regard to T cells and biomarkers in the blood. The results may lead to new strategies for early detection of side effects in these patients," says Professor Eva Forssell-Aronsson.

Therese Karlsson

The Assar Gabrielssons Award 2024 for basic scientific research is given to Anna Wenger

"Anna Wenger is awarded the prize in the category of basic science research for advanced basic science studies on malignant gliomas in children and adults. The studies provide new knowledge about epigenetic differences and cancer stem cells different types of glioma. The results can be of great benefit for the development of better diagnostics and choice of treatment for patients with glioma," says Eva Forssell-Aronsson, professor at the University of Gothenburg and executive member of the Assar Gabrielsson Foundation in the citation.


Ceremony's date och place:

  • Place: Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Patologens aula
  • Time: June 4, 2024 12.00-15.00

The presentation will be done in English.

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