Stiftelsen Assar Gabrielssons Fond

För klinisk forskning speciellt i cancersjukdomar


Award 2020


Bigger Research Projects 2020

Stiftelsen Assar Gabrielssons Fond annually awards, according to its regulations, "two grants for large projects, preferably one for preclinical cancer research and one for clinical cancer research". After discussion, a group of three higher quality projects (in alphabetical order): Elin Bernson, Roger Olofsson Bagge and Volkan Sayin, all researching at the University of Gothenburg, received each a grant by 600 000 SEK.

Therese Karlsson

Elin Bernson

Project title: NK cell regulation in ovarian cancer – a potential immunotherapeutic target?

The current research aims to understand how NK cells are regulated in ovarian cancer, and how this regulation may impact on the outcome of the disease. The research also aims to elucidate potential immunotherapeutic approaches as novel therapies for ovarian cancer patients.

Arne Wittlöv

Roger Olofsson Bagge

Project title: The SCANDIUM II trial 

Metastatic uveal melanoma is an aggressive cancer where the majority of patients have liver metastasis. The prognosis is very poor and there is an unmet need for new therapies. During the recent years, there has been a revolution with the emergence of various types of immunotherapies. Despite their success in the management of cutaneous melanoma, they have of yet not achieved any positive results in the treatment of uveal melanoma. The research proposal aims to investigate a new treatment regimen for uveal melanoma patients with liver metastases.

Arne Wittlöv

Volkan Sayin

Project title: A combined precision medicine effort to improve diagnosis, treatment and survival for KRAS driven lung cancer patients

The aim of the project is to evaluate the prevalence of KRAS mutations including specific subtypes, treatment pattern, outcome and possible associations of the different mutations/subgroups to treatment response and survival in lung cancer.